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5 Cost-Effective Ways to Improve Home Energy Efficiency

5 Ways to Reduce Energy 

Reducing energy use is not only good for the environment, it is also good for your wallet. While improving home efficiency has many benefits, it can also be very pricey. Upgrades, renovations to insulation, roof and windows can all get very expensive, very quickly. However, some of the most cost-effective ways to lower utility bills have a significant impact on both sustainability, savings and home comfort.  Making small improvements could lower your household's utility bills by 5 to 30 percent each year, according to the   U.S. Department of Energy   -- even if you're not investing in bigger-ticket upgrades such as solar panels. Here are five home improvements are both budget friendly and effective:
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How to Have a Green Office

6 Ways to Make Your Office Greener

Climate change and carbon footprint are an integral part of business these days. From a focus on recycling to travel and even what we eat, the impact of global warming is everywhere. Today people are looking to change old habits and become more energy-efficient and green in outlook. Being aware of these changes is just as relevant in the workplace as it is in the home. Here are six ways to have a green office in your workplace and save money on your energy bills at the same time:

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