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Why Investing in Anti-Graffiti Film is Essential

Why Anti-Graffiti Film 

A storefront or government building maintained with public funds can become devastated by graffiti. With a few mere sprays from a can of paint or scratches with a knife, glass quickly becomes unsightly and expensive to repair.  Graffiti can put a dent in already thin profit margins. It may also make customers feel uncomfortable. Cities regularly spend millions to clean up graffiti. The act also creates an environment of fear and unease in neighborhoods that are normally friendly and welcoming. While it's tough to stop people from creating graffiti, commercial businesses and nonprofits can use anti-graffiti film to prevent damage to glass. 
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5 Custom Decorative Window Film Ideas You Need for Your Office

Decorative Window Film Ideas for Your Office

Decorative window film is a cost effective and simple way to personalize your office space. Solar Art has a number of different products you can choose from to enhance your business. Decorative window film can be used to customize a space, increase privacy or even help with marketing and branding. Solar Art's custom products use a combination decorative window film and custom cut graphics to make your space just how you want it!

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