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5 Tips for Interior and Exterior Building Upgrades

Updating the Look of Your Building:

Whether you're a Property Manager or Building Owner, improving the look and feel of your property can add short term and long term property value. Think about different offices you've worked in. Where were you most productive? How did the environment make you feel? It's no secret that a new and creative environment can have positive effects on company culture as well as productivity in the workplace. Here are 5 ways to update the interior and exterior of your building:

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Window Tint vs. Electromagnetic Glass

What is Electrochomic Glass?

This week in two trade publications there were articles on EC (electrochromic) glass. Pretty cool stuff. Basically it is glass with a special coating that when electrically charged can change to a tinted state on demand. Fancy. 

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Why I Hate Window Tinting

The Window Tinting Stereotype...

If there ever was a niche product, I would say window tinting fits the bill. When I tell most people I am in the window tinting business they sort of have a glazed look over their face. Their next question is usually asking if we also sell sound systems, curb feelers, and lower cars.  I usually just say no and refer to that purpley bubbled up stuff on the back glass of a car window and then they understand. Where else can you have hundreds if not thousands of moving billboards on the road advertising the failure of a product you are trying to sell?  It’s like having a national ad campaign on how much your product sucks.

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