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Neuehouse Skylight Window Film - Hollywood, CA

Neuehouse of Hollywood, California recently approached our experts looking for an effective window film solution to battle the increased heat and glare coming through skylights. As a company that is invested in finding the complete solutions to the window films needs of our clients, we were anxious to begin this project, and solve our client’s issues!

In the images below, you can see the interior view of the recent window film that was installed for the client on their skylights. It offers a clear view to the outside, while limiting the solar heat and radiation coming through. A perfect product for the client’s needs, and a successful completed project!

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Battle Summer Heat with Residential Window Film- Santa Monica, CA

There is nothing worse than being unable to enjoy the comforts of your own home. When the seasonal heat comes in, take the measures necessary to prevent increased solar heat inside your home. Our team is prepared to develop the solutions needed for this problem, and recently tackled a project doing just that for a home owner in Santa Monica, California.

When you opt for a window film installation for your home, this rarely means that you want to limit the natural light or visibility of your windows. Thankfully, the options include films that give optical clarity while still limiting the solar exposure received.

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Solar Heat Reduction- Glendale, CA

With so many options available in the window film industry, it can be tough finding the right fit to meet all of your needs. That is where our team of experts come in! We will help you find the right products for your end goal, and supply superior installation services to match. Just take our last project for an interior designer for example. This package elevated the commercial property to a successfully energy efficient level!

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