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Window Tint Installers: How Do You Pay?

The window tint installers pay structure is probably one of the most talked about topics among owners in our industry. Do you pay hourly or commission? Having done both I can see the benefits on both sides for owners and installers as well.

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What's New? Clear Window Films that Reduce Glare and Provide Privacy

When a client asks for a product in our industry that I don’t know about I sort of feel like an idiot, on the other hand our industry is very slow to adapt new technology so I will go easy on myself. There isn’t much you can do to a film or vinyl product...until now.

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5 Tips for Interior and Exterior Building Upgrades

Whether you're a Property Manager or Building Owner, improving the look and feel of your property can add short term and long term property value. Think about different offices you've worked in. Where were you most productive? How did the environment make you feel? It's no secret that a new and creative environment can have positive effects on company culture as well as productivity in the workplace. 

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Window Tint vs. Electromagnetic Glass

What is Electrochomic Glass?

This week in two trade publications there were articles on EC (electrochromic) glass. Pretty cool stuff. Basically it is glass with a special coating that when electrically charged can change to a tinted state on demand. Fancy. 

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